Please take note that your first appointment will be in about 6 month (we are very busy).
For urgent cases, please call.


Thank you for your trust. Please fill out the form. We will contact you soon to schedule an appointment with you. Of course you can also give us a call (but give us some time to process your data).

If you visit us by car, make sure that you DON'T pay at the parking post or by a parking app, because this will immediately cost you 16,- euros. If you tell your licence plate number at the reception, you can park for free. Untill 9 am, parking is also free.

Please bring your ID and BSN with you at your first appointment!

Please note, that if you make an appointment for a second opinion, you will not be able get a treatment in our practice. A second opinion costs about 130 euros, including a written report. If you just want a second first appointment to compare different practices, just make a first appointment at our practice.

You can expect following appointments (between these appoinments will be approximatly 4 weeks):

  1. First consult - You will have your first impression of our practice. The dental situation and some possible solutions will be discussed (nothing final just first thoughts of your orthodontist). Either you continue for follow up appointments, or you first think about it at home. The first consult costs around 27 euros.
  2. Making of records - We will make X-Rays, normal photos and a 3D scan of your teeth.
    With these records your orthodontist will make a precise treatment plan. These records costs around 350 euros.
  3. Discussing the treatment plan - The abnormalities and possible treatments and the costs will be discussed in detail
  4. Start with an orthodontic appliance.

Please fill out the form below. At your first appointment, we will ask you the Burger Service Nummer (BSN, or social security number)

At the remarks field, please tell us about medical issues that we need to know (like allergies for Nickel or Latex), if you ever fell on your teeth, or that you come in a wheelchair.